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Under Water Garden # 2 is part of a personal project called Life Under Air.

Living Under Air is a project based on the theory of evolution and humanity's desire to find a home in space. The idea emerged from thinking as an explorer coming to earth to record earth flora. The color pallet for the project was inspired by the ocean's bright and surreal colors. All of these photographs created a fictional record of the flora showing what lives under the earth's air. 



Under Water Garden #2

PrecioDesde 25,00$
Puzzle Level
  • Perfect gift for any occasion of the year. These cool puzzle comes in different  levels making it perfect for everyone to try it out. 
  • Preium Eco-Friendly Quality Jigsaw Puzzle  by Manuela Montenegro: Manuela Montenegro is an indepentent Colombian photographer creating unique images and printing them as premium quality jigsaw puzzles. 
  • Puzzles come inside Organic Cotton Produce Bags with Drawstrings with image of the puzzle printed on it. In addtion a small poster is send inside an envalope.
  • Puzzle are bright in color and have a glossy finish. 
  • Puzzle Size:

    Level #Pieces Size
    Easy 285 12x16.5 in
    Medium 500 18x24 in
    Hard 1000 19.25x28 in

    Kids Puzzle

    #Pieces Size
    48 18x24 in

    Wood Puzzle

    #Pieces Size
    610 21.65x15.75 in