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This collage image is a tribute to the ocean life.

The Manta Rays is a collage created from a mix of memory and dream. One of the most beautiful places I've snorkeled was in the Red Sea. I was ten years old when I went on this family trip. I've never had seen so many colors under the water. I felt I was inside of an aquarium, all kinds of fishes and corals. And this was the first time I was huge Manta Rays swimming and doing their thing. But what most shocked me was the fantastic color they had; I've only seen the usual black and white ones, which had color spots of blue, green, red, and yellow.    


The Manta Rays

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Puzzle Level
  • Perfect gift for any occasion of the year. These cool puzzle comes in different  levels making it perfect for everyone to try it out. 
  • Preium Eco-Friendly Quality Jigsaw Puzzle  by Manuela Montenegro: Manuela Montenegro is an indepentent Colombian photographer creating unique images and printing them as premium quality jigsaw puzzles. 
  • Puzzles come inside Organic Cotton Produce Bags with Drawstrings with image of the puzzle printed on it. In addtion a small poster is send inside an envalope.
  • Puzzle are bright in color and have a glossy finish. 

Puzzle Size:

Level #Pieces Size
Easy 285 12x16.5 in
Medium 500 18x24 in
Hard 1000 19.25x28 in

Kids Puzzle

#Pieces Size
48 18x24 in

Wood Puzzle

#Pieces Size
610 21.65x15.75 in 
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